LRC Remote Access FAQs

Who do I contact if I forget my password?
If you have forgotten your password fill in this form.
If you want to reset your password, follow the instructions here.

Help! My browser does not allow me to login?
It may be that your browser does not support MyDay.  If this is the case, download a new version of your browser or try Firefox or Chrome.  If you’re still having problems submit an IT support request here.

How do I access MyDay and ProPortal from home.
You can access MyDay and ProPortal by following the instructions here

How do I download Office 365 (for FREE) to my home computer/laptop?
Follow the download instructions for Office 365 here.

How do I use Office 365?
Watch Office 365 training videos for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher, here.

I haven’t got Microsoft Office on my PC/laptop.  How can I do my work?
When you login to your MyDay account, you will be able to use the online versions of Office as you do in college.  If you need to work offline you can also download Microsoft Office onto your home device for free using your college login.  To find out how to do this, click here.

How to I access the BKSB test?
Click here to sign in to BKSB directly.

The library is closed.  What can I do?
We have a range of E-books available here

I have library books that will soon be overdue. What can I do?
Keep your library books safe, regularly check your emails and the college website for updates. Once the college re-opens return your books and all fines accrued will be waived. The library can be contacted at