Bricklayers play an essential role in the construction industry, a sector that accounts for over £2 million jobs. With current skills shortages and demand rising for skilled bricklayers, now is the time to join this interesting trade.
A bricklayer is a craftsperson who works with clay bricks, concrete blocks, and other types of building materials to construct and repair brickwork. 

Students on our courses progress from learning basic techniques through to advanced work such as building arches. Alongside theory, students benefit from extensive time working on practical exercises in our purpose-built construction hall. 

Did you know?

Entry-level salaries start at £20,000 and upwards with average salaries for highly skilled bricklayers at £40,000 depending on qualifications and location.

Future opportunities 

Upon successful completion of level 2, you can enter employment within bricklaying or progress onto a relevant level 3 course or an apprenticeship to enhance your training at a higher level.


  • Excellent practical facilities, enabling you to learn Brickwork alongside other construction skills
  • Bursaries available for eligible learners
  • Links with employers and industry
  • Take part in regional and national skills competitions
  • Progression opportunities into Apprenticeships 

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Course Suitable for Categories
Diploma In Bricklaying (16-18): Level 1 16-18 (Full-time) F.E. Courses
Diploma In Bricklaying (16-18): Level 2 16-18 (Full-time) F.E. Courses
Diploma In Bricklaying (19+): Level 1 Adults City & Guilds
Diploma In Bricklaying (19+): Level 2 Adults City & Guilds
Diploma In Bricklaying (19+): Level 3 Adults City & Guilds