A career in science is one of the most fascinating, interesting and rewarding out there. Contributing to society, finding cures to diseases, developing new technology to improve lives, making new discoveries - the sky truly is the limit.  

Our science courses ensure you gain the theory, skills and practical techniques for a successful career in science. The curriculum includes physics, chemistry, biology and maths, giving you the chance to progress into a wide range of science degrees and careers.

Did you know?

With technology continually changing, demand remains high for talented scientists. The average salary for a Biomedical Scientist is £46,800 per year.


  • Excellent practical facilities
  • Bursaries available for eligible learners
  • Links with employers and industry
  • Field trips

Career paths 

Upon successful completion of your course you can enter full-time employment or (after completing the level 3) progress into university to pursue a degree in the sciences. Career opportunities include industries such as food technology, pharmaceuticals, medical research, petrochemicals, health, environmental protection and plant science.

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Course Suitable for Categories
Access to H.E. Diploma in Science Adults, H.E. Students H.E. Courses
BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Applied Science 16-18, Adults BTEC Level 1
First Extended Certificate in Applied Science: Level 2 (Medical) 16-18 (Full-time) BTEC Level 2
Level 3: BTEC National Extended Diploma in Applied Science 16-18 (Full-time) BTEC Level 3