Plumbing is a trade that can be used anywhere in the world and with high demand across the UK, there’s never been a better time to join it. From self-employed to working in industry, the opportunities are vast and varied and fast-becoming a popular career path for many.

Our courses will help beginners prepare for a career in the Plumbing trade or help experienced plumbers improve their skills. You’ll start at Level 1 (unless you have training or industrial experience to support entering at a higher level), which will provide you with the basic knowledge to progress to Level 2. Upon completion of Level 2, you can enter the trade or continue onto a Level 3 to enhance your training. 

Did you know?

You’ll learn in our purpose-built workshops which mirror the world-of-work and be taught by tutors who have extensive experience working in this industry.

Earning potential

Entry-level salaries starting at £15,000 and upwards with average salaries of £30,000 depending on qualifications and location. (


  • Excellent practical facilities
  • Bursaries available for eligible learners
  • Links with employers and industry
  • Progression opportunities into Apprenticeships 

Progression opportunities

Upon successful completion of your course, you can begin working in the plumbing industry in local and national companies, become self-employed, or progress into an apprenticeship.

For more information on Plumbing courses, please click on the links below.

Course Suitable for Categories
Diploma in Plumbing Studies (16-18): Level 2 16-18 (Full-time) City & Guilds
Diploma in Plumbing Studies (19+): Level 2 Adults City & Guilds
Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Studies (16-18) 16-18 (Full-time) City & Guilds
Level 1 Diploma in Plumbing Studies (19+) Adults City & Guilds
Plumbing Level 3 Advanced Diploma (16-18 & 19+) 16-18, Adults City & Guilds