The College of North West London's English, EFL and ESOL department provides courses for young people and adults of all ages who need to improve their communication in English. As well as providing ESOL courses, we teach English courses to native speakers who want to improve their spoken and written communication. All our provision is designed to give students better chances in work, as well as improve their use of English in daily life.

Brent is one of London's most diverse boroughs and with around 100 'native tongues' represented, the College reflects that diversity. It is a great strength and our English students benefit from working together and sharing experiences. For example, students put on self-written drama productions as part of the course.

After you have completed an application,  we will then be in touch to arrange for you to come to the College for an assessment. We use this to ensure you are placed onto the most suitable level of ESOL or English course for you.

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Course Suitable for Categories
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) 16-18 (Full-time), Adults ESOL