Mental Health & Wellbeing Service

Welcome to the College of North West London Mental Health and Wellbeing Service

Mental Health can affect everyone. One in four individuals will experience mental health difficulties at some point in their lives. We all have emotional and mental health needs, and making it our priority to look after and maintain good mental health is vitally important, because it impacts on how we feel about ourselves as well as others around us. It can influence how we deal with life events, such as relationships and adapting to change. Therefore, looking after our mental health and wellbeing is just as important as looking after our physical wellbeing.

At the United College Group, we make the Mental Health and Wellbeing of all our students a priority at all our campuses, making sure that students mental health needs are our paramount.

The service comprises of a mental health team who provide practical, emotional and specialist support to all students. Our mental health team are professionally trained and widely experienced specialists. As Mental Health Advisors, they are accustomed and equipped to helping people from many different backgrounds and cultures with a wide range of personal, practical and academic concerns.

We work collaboratively within the Multidisciplinary team to provide you with the best possible support, enabling you to manage your wellbeing and academic studies and to get the most out of your time spent at the college.

For that reason, if you are experiencing any form of mental health concerns during your academic year, it doesn’t matter how significant or insignificant you may or may not believe it to be, please complete the online referral form and a mental health advisor will being it contact with you, to arrange an appointment to meet in order to discuss your needs and to offer you support.   

How to get in touch

College life not what you expected? Having an issue with your course? Want someone to talk to?

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Officers are here to talk, in confidence, about anything on your mind.

In order for us to have the information to support you, we will need to ask you some sensitive questions.
It would be helpful for us if you were able to answer the questions below. If you answer yes* to any of the questions, please give a brief description in the space provided.

First, can you just confirm some details for us?

2. Do you have a support network, e.g. friends or family who are supportive?

3. Have you ever been in contact with a Mental Health or Counselling services either within an educational setting or outside, e.g. NHS?

4. Do you have a formal Mental Health diagnosis?

5. Are you currently struggling, or in the last month been struggling, with suicidal thoughts?

6. Do you self-harm or have you recently (within the last 6 months) self-harmed?

7. Do you feel there is emotional or physical bullying going on at home, or outside the home, that is contributing to your distress?

8. Have there been any significant life events lately, or changes in circumstances, that may have had an impact on your emotional life, e.g. bereavement, parental divorce, illness in the family?

9. Please briefly outline the reasons for referral at this time

and tick what type of support you think would be helpful

Student Consent:

I agree to being referred to the Mental Health Team for support and consent to information included in this document to be shared with the Mental Health Team

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