Electrical installation

If you’re looking to take your DIY skills beyond the living room or enjoy hands-on work, becoming an Electrician could be the perfect career move for you. 
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced electrician, we run a range of hands-on, practical courses designed to prepare students for careers in the electrical installation industry. We also offer courses for those wanting to upskill or update their professional qualifications.
Our courses allow you to start at Level 1 to learn some basic home maintenance. Level 2 is a direct progression from Level 1 or suitable if you’re already working in the trade to gain in-depth knowledge of Electrical Installation. Level 3 completes the intensive theory aspect of your training, looking in detail at electrical principles and testing and completing your own work.

Earning potential

Entry-level salary starting from £20,000, rising to £45,000 for certified Electricians. (www.payscale.com)


  • Excellent practical facilities
  • Bursaries available for eligible learners
  • Links with employers and industry
  • Progression opportunities into Apprenticeships 


As a qualified electrician, you can choose from a range of specific occupations, from working on major construction projects to domestic work in people’s home. You can also opt to become self-employed.