MyDay and Office 365

MyDay is the College’s dedicated student portal. Through this portal, you will be able to check your emails, attendance and view your timetable.

You can access MyDay at: 

Your login details for MyDay are your email address, and your password is your date of birth as eight digits, for example, 01011997, you will be asked to change your password on first logon.

Your email is your student reference plus the college details:

Please wait 24 hours after you’ve finished enrolling to log in to your account.


To access Microsoft Office 365 follow the instructions below.

Log on on to Microsoft Office 365

a. Within the college, follow the instructions given by your teacher and simply go to:

b. From outside the college via the internet.

If you have never logged on to the college systems, follow the steps below. Otherwise, use your existing credentials (username and password):

Go to:

Click on ‘Sign in’ e.g.

You will find your Student Reference number on your ID Card.


Click Next


You are now on the college ‘Sign in’ page.


c. Enter your username as instructed above.

d. Your password will be your Date of Birth in the following format: DDMMYYYY

The first time you logon to the college system you will be asked to change your password, as shown below


Your old password will be your Date of Birth in the format described above: DDMMYYYY

Your new password must be at least 8 characters long.



  1. Once logged on, you will be presented with the page below: 

myday login 



a. Office 365 Web Apps. These are referenced to as ‘Web apps’ and can be used in any modern web browser without the need for additional installation. 

b. Last activity in your account – Here you will have the most recent emails received and files you have been working on. 

c. Install Microsoft Office - If you wish to install full version of Microsoft Office 365 on your device (referenced as ‘Desktop Apps’). You can on up to 5 different devices while studying at the college. Simply click on ‘install Office’ and follow the instructions. 


d. Installing Microsoft Teams only on your desktop: 



Log on to Microsoft Teams 

a. Using the web app, simply logon to Microsoft Office 365 as described above and click the Teams icon on the left navigation bar. 

myday teams 


b. Using the desktop app on your own computer: 

Click on the Teams icon. 


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If your college email address does not appear in the ‘Continue as’ section, click on ‘Use another account to sign up’. 

Microsoft teams

Enter your college email address: 

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Click Next and select ‘Work or school account’ 

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You will be directed to the college sign in page, where you need to enter your email address and current password. 

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Once logged in, please watch the short video below: 


Connecting with Microsoft Teams as a student 


Accessing MyDay

MyDay can be found at, this will work on all devices.

Simply click on tiles to be direct to the relevant App(s) or page(s).

Please note: Your timetable can be access via the middle tile in the second row