Free Laptop Loan

Supporting your success

At College of North West London,, we are focused on helping you achieve your goals and we know that committing to study is about far more than just finding the time. ⁠We don't ever want a lack of access to technology to stand in the way of our students reaching their potential.

To assist your studies we are offering a free loan of a laptop for the duration of your studies. Visit the LRC to find out about eligibility and how to apply.

I am under 18

  • The laptop/ device is a loan from the Learning Resource Centre for this academic year or for the duration of your course-whichever is shorter and is borrowed from United Colleges Group for the sole purpose of assisting you with your coursework during that timeframe.
  • If you fail to return the laptop/ device when your course finishes or if you leave this may impact on you in the same way as if you failed to return library books that you may have borrowed.
  • By accepting and signing for the laptop, you accept that you are responsible for its upkeep and condition. If you fail to maintain the laptop/ device in good working order you may be liable to replace the laptop/ device.

I am 18 or over

  • The college will help you to apply for adult bursary (financial assistance which is means tested) and if eligible, you will have an element of that bursary available to purchase a laptop to help your studies.

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and conditions apply upon registration. The College of North West London is part of the United Colleges Group; the City of Westminster College is its sister college and will therefore have similar initiatives and offers.   This offer is entirely at the discretion of College of North West London. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any point.