Returning to College

 Information for Students - Plans for the Return to College from 8th March 2021.


Key in our planning is the need to keep students and staff safe, while we move towards a national relaxation of lockdown with testing and the roll-out of the vaccines. With that in mind, we have designed a 3-stage process to moving back to full face-to-face teaching in class.


Stage 1 will begin on 8th March. On that day we will move back to the mix of online and in-class face-to-face timetables we had before Christmas. Students will be expected to attend College for face-to-face lessons, depending on their timetable, in the same way as in the Autumn term.


During this period, we will ask for masks to be worn in class as well as in other areas of the College.


Stage 2 will start immediately after the Easter break on the 19th April. At this point some, but not all, of our students will return for full-time face-to-face teaching, particularly students on courses with a practical element. We will let you know which classes are moving to full face-to-face teaching and any changes to your timetable in advance.


Stage 3 will begin on the 17th May (at the same time as the wider national relaxation of lockdown restrictions) and we plan to see all of our students return for full-time face-to-face teaching.


SEND learners – parents/carers should discuss plans from the 8th March with their son/daughter’s teacher.


Vulnerable students – we recognise that some students may be vulnerable and shielding. Please do discuss with your teacher.



Covid 19 Testing

Students are encouraged to book and take a lateral flow test when they return to College, and will be able to take three tests, each based 3-5 days apart, on site, before moving to home testing. Every college site now has a testing facility for a quick and easy test where you will get your result in 30 minutes. Please check your college emails and My Day for further information on the testing process and the booking system.


During Stage 1 and 2 the additional safety measures we have put in place (e.g. social distancing, hand hygiene, one-way systems, regular deep cleaning, wearing of face masks and testing) will continue. We will review the safety requirements needed for Stage 3 over the next couple of months.


We will of course adapt our plans if the situation changes, in line with government guidance.   


We look forward to seeing you all in person again beginning from the 8th March onwards.